3rd US Reenactors Goals and Objectives


The 3rd United States Regular Infantry Reenactors (hereinafter referred to as “the Regiment”) is a nonprofit, educational organization with the purpose of facilitating the development of, and participation in, battle reenactments and living history of the Civil War era.  In a spirit of volunteerism, the members of the Regiment seek to contribute to a broader understanding of the lives, the issues, and the horrors faced by U.S. Regular Infantry units and their families during the period 1860 to 1865.

  1. Facilitate the development of, and participation in, battle reenactments and living history.
    1. Actively promote the regiment and recruit new members, assisting them in equipping and developing their historic impressions.
    2. Develop partnerships with other reenactment organizations, and national and local governmental organizations interested in promoting Civil War history.
    3. Develop a strategic approach to purchasing, maintaining unit equipment, and refreshing uniforms and gear when necessary.
    4. Promote an “esprit de corps” that encourages unit members to serve and take on new responsibilities and leadership roles.
  2. Contribute to a broader understanding of the lives of U.S. Regular Infantry units and their families.
    1. Support the development of a unit education program that encourages the study and research of the U.S Regulars during the Civil War in order to present historically accurate impressions and promote a greater public awareness of the period.  This will include a digital communication strategy that makes widely available educational material to other reenactors and the general public.
    2. Develop a sustainable civilian program that permits a wider and more diverse base of members to participate.
  3. Define and maintain a reasonable standard of authenticity in the portrayal of the Regular Army soldier and the civilians they came in contact with during the American Civil War.
    1. Become a recognized leader in demonstrating accurate drill and “regular army” behavior both on and off the battle field. This includes “School of the Soldier” and “School of the Company”.
    2. Strive to achieve the highest possible level of authenticity.  However, a commitment to high standards is often constrained by consideration for the health and safety of reenactors and spectators.  Also, new information and research may require periodic corrections to our impressions.



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